The trail was not used often, Auden could tell because of the large clumps of spiny beach grass sprouting here and
Original Chickcharnie Pic.

The Mystery Trail Illustration by mmpratt99

there. It didn't resemble a trail at all but an undisturbed place; a place unlike the other sandy places with charred wood scattered all over from the remnants of camping fires and broken beer bottles from beach parties thrown by sloppy teens.

Auden walked over the uneven terrain and at his heels trotted a large black lab, shaggy coated and big footed. The boy walked on until he reached the top of the wind blown hill. The wind came up with renewed force, it tossed his short sandy hair in disarray; it fluttered his green striped flannel shirt. The boy did not stir from the almost icy chill. Instead, he watched the blue swells and white wakes dropping down into long troughs. The sun shimmered down into the sea reflecting the dark blue of the sky, like an ever shimmering mirror.

...your turn...