Natalie Mayfield had a few friends, but very close friends who did what all bored tween kids do. They went into an antiques store and bought a magic book and some seer stones. In secret, they began asking questions to the dead, and divining truths from the universe through the stones. But they soon grew bored and go off to find other more interesting things. Natalie, however, decided to continue her occult reserch, searchig libraries, dusty antique stores, collector swap meets, and anything else she could find about seer stones. Eventually, she found better and better stones, and better and better techniques. Soon she learnt to experience other peoples lives through their eyes. She became a spiritual echo experiencing every one of their five senses as well as hearing their emotions from inside the possessed's mind, without them knowing.
Among the Rune Stones by mmpratt99

The Seer Stones Illustration by mmpratt99

One day Natalie stumbled across a strange seer stone unlike any she has ever heard of before. She tested it out but soon found that she only sees bad moments in peoples lives, and she can't control who or where. Each time she used the stone the events get worse (a broken leg, breakup with wife, the loss of an arm, etc). But Natalie also couldn't stop, she felt sick and weak when she doesn't use the stone.

She finally decided to use the stone just one last time. She sets up, said the words and does the meditation then entered another person's mind.

This person had red hair and green eyes. She was walking through a field of flowers simply enjoying the smells of this one rare flower that grews there. Suddenly the skies darkened and a rift opened before her. Fire lanced upwards and encircled her giving her no place to run. The nerdy girl couldn't break off the connection and was trapped in this person's mind. A demon emerged from the rift, stretched its incomprehensible form and began walking around the circle, slowly getting closer to the red-head girl. She was paralyzed with fear and so was the nerdy girl . Suddenly it attacks ripping the ginger apart and grabbing up her soul (and Natalie's too) as soon as it left her body. It began to devour it with what could only be described as it's mouth.

Natalie noticed the demon has something on it that looked eerily familiar to the strange seer stone. Then finally she blacked out from terror the spell was broken and the seer stone shattered (forever breaking her addiction and causing her to swear off magic of any kind... for a long long while) The terror was quickly supressed. But a tiny piece of that ginger girl's soul was trapped with Natalie. Slowly they fused into one soul different from either but similar to both. It took years to happened. Only the smell of those flowers (remembered by both just before the unspeakably horrible thing that happened, causing both of them to relive the horror and go catatonic with terror until the memory can be suppressed again). While Natalie didn't remember much about the lives she saw while seeing; she did remember their stories, emotions, etc. She decided to write about the many lives she had interacted with and used that as a base for her incredible tales.

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