The library had tall leaded windows of clear glass squares bordered by gold and red strips. The windows would have been very attractive, had they been cleaned and free of cobwebs. The light from the outside was filtered through tall rhododendrons, which gave it a greenish tinge.

The books at some time in the distant past had been neatly organized by category and alphabetized by author. Over the years the books had moved around, climbed down from the shelves and piled themselves on the floor. The books were in untidy stacks up to neck high and lying flat on the shelves cantilevered out in improbable architectural arrangements.

The dust and clutter was overwhelming. The chances of finding the book you were looking for was miniscule, but that didn't matter. You were sure to run across five other books which were not what you were looking for but were much more interesting and fascinating in themselves.

...your turn...