The House was known by various names, the Puzzle Place, the Labyrinth, the Tangle, the Melgalish Mystery
Cold Curse Prologue Picture1 by mmpratt99

Gateway Illustration by mmpratt99

Mansion. It was so incredibly vast and convoluted that no one had ever succeeded in mapping it completely. It was really difficult to map a house that consisted mostly as an infinite number of doors and rooms scattered throughtout the known world and universe.

Rumor had it that Melgalish, the wizard who built it, didn't use any blueprints or conventional building material.

"It wasn't built at all," people would say. "He just materialized his dreams into reality."

"I want to do that," Eden said, when she first heard of the mansion. "Just materialize my dreams like that."

"Idiot," Kerrie said simply. "You're no more a wizard than I am. Obviously, you can't use magic--"

"But you want to go too, though, right?"

Kerrie shut her mouth, and shot Eden a glare. Her younger sister merely grinned up at her. "I know. You can't resist the idea of getting lost there. You told me before. You love getting lost."

"Yes, but I'd like to actually find my way back afterwards. Did the others tell you the other rumor?"


"Anyone who would go into that mansion, would definitely get lost, and stay lost. Then they get forgotten. No one ever looks for them. It's like they never existed in the first place."

"That's impossible."

"The house was made by a wizard materializing his dreams. Why wouldn't it be possible?"

"If people forgot about the ones who got lost inside, this rumor wouldn't exist in the first place, you see? Maybe someone got out, and discovered that everyone's forgotten about him. Or someone still remembers this person who's gone in the mansion, somehow. But that someone would have to be the only one to have remembered, and he discovers that the others don't remember like he does. Or Melgalish spread the rumor, to keep people away--"

"Eden, do not go into the mansion."

Eden continued smiling, still. "Would you remember, Kerrie, if I got lost in the mansion?"

"...Yes. Because you wouldn't even be in there in the first place. Idiot."

...your turn...