Purple Goth Gorgon by mmpratt99

Curses! Illustration by mmpratt99

"I came here because I need this curse cast on the girl I mentioned earlier," Ellery took a picture out of her jacket pocket and handed it over to Megera. Holding it between her right thumb and index finger, the Goth girl studied the photo carefully. "Looks more like a weaboo to me," she said with a grimace before handing the photo to her nerdy assistant.

Puzzled at what provoked such a reaction, Margo looked closely at the photo.

It had been taken in what looked like a crowded shopping mall. In the foreground stood a pudgy, mischievous girl of about fifteen. Her hair (if it was real and not a wig) was honey-blonde and hung in springy curls, she had enormous blue eyes and pink, puffy-looking lips. The outfit she wore was somewhat reminiscent of Victorian children or porcelain dolls, only with much more pink and larger bows. Clutching a strawberry-pink teddybear in her right arm, she had her left arm clamped around Ellery's shoulder. While the doll-girl flashed a dazzling smile, Ellery just stared blankly at the camera. Kes nervously wondered what exactly she had been thinking when this picture was taken. Her face seemed to say, if this photo ever gets out, I will seriously hurt you.

...your turn...

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