My Grandma s Cats by mmpratt99

Cat Lady Illustration by mmpratt99

It was ten o' ten and Grandma Esme' was feeding her cats. There were twenty of them, but only Cinder and Felina had the run of the house. The rest of them stayed in a large playroom with access to an outdoor pen,the only time they were let out was to be fed or for monthly veterinarian visits.

It was always pandemonium at mealtime. All of the cats were dancing impatiently around the kitchen as Grandma Esme' started taking the cat food cans out of the cupboard. They all started yowling and rubbing against her legs as she spooned out portions into their separate plates.

"Now settle down, everybody!" Grandma Esme' hollered. She was always hollering during feeding time, even though it didn't accomplish much. "Fiona, you'll get your share in a minute. Felina! Quit stealing Fauna's dinner! Ouch! Felicia, cut that out!" The Siamese had jumped onto Grandma Esme' 's head and was bopping her ears and nose with her paw.

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