A Series of Strange Occurrences Illustration by mmpratt99

On Lolly's last visit to Hogan's Gap, they wouldn't let her take any of the golden sun apples from the sacred orchards, nor any of the whistling stones or butterfly fish. They said that she didn't deserve any of these gifts because she was a "irresponsible, unclean, thieving brat," made even more despicable by her unhealthy obsession with anime fetish comics and the occult.

Ever since the Sparkle Lice and Locker 490 incident, she was forever grounded and had her privileges withdrawn...well, at least until she turned eighteen. Her books of spells and soceryhad been confisicated by the authorities, her consumption of Japanese cuisine and anime merchandise completely restricted on orders of her parents and therapist, her once exuberant life now reduced to a simple humdrum exsistence of strict, "straight-home-after-school" curfew and helping around the house and doing odd jobs for the Seventh Day Adventists.

Under current Mcclaren circumstances, her little planned nighttime escape would have been completely impossible. But then when her parents unexpectedly got called away on a family emergency, leaving the twins Thomas and Sylvie in charge, a plan began to take root in her mind. Had everyone all been at home, Lolly would never have risked it, but with just the easily distractable twins, she knew she had a chance of succeeding. And she did succeed thanks to her rigorous stealth ninja training. Memorizing all those Naruto manga had proved useful after all.

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